Test Tube 12x75mm PS

– Product name announced by the Ministry of Health: Test Tube 12×75 PS
– Product code: T0002
– Registration number: 230000029/PCBA-LA
– Country of origin: Vietnam
– Technical specifications: PS plastic, Ø12x75mm, 6ml
– Pricing policy: Best prices on the market, with many attractive offers. Special prices for distributors and agents.
– Distribution: Nationwide and export to foreign countries
– Team: Experienced team with many experts in the field
– Quality: Products meet the standards of FDA, ISO 13485, ISO Class 5, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 26000
– Strict control process
– Products are being sold on e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, Tiki

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Test Tube 12x75mm PS

Test Tube 12x75mm PS  is applied in many fields:
+ Pharmaceuticals: drug production, pharmacological research.
+ Bacteriology: collection and storage of microbiological samples, isolation and culture of bacteria, antibiotic testing.
+ Coagulation: Test Tube 12x75mm PS is used for blood coagulation testing, serological analysis, collection and storage of blood samples,
+ Chemistry: used for chemical analysis, titration, solution preparation.
+ Biology: biological research, DNA and RNA analysis.
+ Medical diagnosis: PS test tube is used to test blood, urine, body fluids.

Test Tube 12x75mm PS

Test Tube 12x75mm PS MidaMec has a variety of sizes, types suitable in many applications.
– Safe and durable product quality.
– Production and closed packaging meeting FDA, ISO Class 5, ISO-13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards
– No lubricant, safe, so there is no risk of contamination of the test sample.
Test Tube 12x75mm PS MidaMec with tube thickness can withstand centrifugal forces up to 5000 RPM without causing pipe rupture.
– The products are made of polystyrene (PS), ensuring safety.
– Reasonable price in the market.
– Attractive preferential policies, good discounts for distributors and agents

Test Tube 12x75mm PS
– Storage: Place in a cool, clean place, avoid moisture and agents affecting product quality.
– Recommendation: PS test tube use only 1 time.

Certifications and awards achieved.

Over 18 years of establishment and development, MidaMec is proud and honored to receive prestigious and prestigious awards.
FDA Certification:

Test Tube 12x75mm PS

  • ISO 9001; ISO-14001; ISO-45001 (Quality – Environmental-Health)
    ISO Class 5 – Medical product room hygiene product standard
    ISO-13485 Medical Device Manufacturing Industry
    National brand for many consecutive years
    Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam
    Top 50 best growing enterprises in Vietnam
    …..and many other awards

MidaMec specializes in providing consumable medical supplies
– Experienced design team, ahead of the curve in trend research, design improvement.
– Good price policy in the market, good policy for agents and distributors.
– Products are manufactured in strict control processes, quality assurance.
– Equipped with modern machines, high-tech investment.
– The total factory area is up to 45,000m2, completely able to meet the needs of production in large quantities.
– We are committed to bringing you products with outstanding quality.
– MidaMec’s products will always be the first choice of customers in Vietnam and countries around the world.

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Test Tube 12x75mm PS

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MidaMec test tubes are Ideal usage in bacteriology, coagulation, and other routine laboratory procedures.
– Precision molded with virgin thermoplastics
– Made of translucent polypropylene or Polystyrene resin those ensure tubes have identical sizes & qualities.

– No lubricants have to be added, thereby eliminating the danger of sample contamination
– With the thick of tubes can afford the centrifugation force to 5000 RPM which does not cause the break of tube.
– Under Self-contained Manufacturing and packing in a clean room environment ISO Class-5, complied with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016


Product Name Test Tube 12x75mm PS
Product Code T0002
Material PS
Color Clear
Property 6ml vol.
Packing 500 pcs/bag;4.000 pcs/carton
Sample Yes
Sterile (Gamma)